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Alexandra Fresquez Blowing Past Roadblocks

Finding My Authentic Voice With Music and Figuring Out how to Move Past Her

In my journey of working on music the past few years, I feel as though I have finally started finding my authentic voice. To do that, I have realized that if you really want to be something you have to completely go for it, without worrying about judgement, learning to be unafraid, and most of all making it past the biggest roadblock (yourself).

I must say the hardest thing about this music journey, has been getting over myself! We constantly judge ourselves, and then shut down when we feel like we’re not good enough. If we can push past this, and not be so hard on ourselves, and take every lesson as what it is, a LESSON, and learn from it. Instead of sitting here wondering “why am I not good enough?”, then we have the ability to be that person that we aspire to be.

Learn how to be that person you look up to. What would she be doing right now to be on her way to where you want to be? LISTEN TO ALEXANDRA FRESQUEZ

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