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Album Review: NÆ Releases New Album Push Button FeatureBy: Colin Naughton

Chicago based Electronic Pop singer songwriter NÆ has released a new album Push Button Feature on February 12th, 2021. NÆ’s musical style incorporates a fusion of electronic, glitter pop and 80’s synth pop music. NÆ is the musical stage name of JaNae Contag. Push Button Feature was made in collaboration with Ryan Black (Blizzle), founder of Chicago record label REB Records, who contributed as an artist, producer and mixing engineer on this album.

Push Button Feature is a mix between EDM and Rap. The beats are strong, energizing and engaging making sure to get listeners to the dance floor! The first couple tracks are very electronic driven then when you get to “Dacron Duvet” it kind of has a rock edge to it. The song has this grungy, angsty feeling that pairs with the EDM vibe and it just gets the blood pumping and sends the energy through the roof! NÆ has such a cool tone on this song and the music is awesome! “Mannequin Man” brings up the idea of consumerism within our world and society. The song has a very catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along, I also love the horn solo at the end of the track! The idea of consumerism is definitely something that isn’t talked about enough, especially in music. I think that we as a society get too wrapped up in wanting material goods and we spend our hard money on these things that bring up momentary happiness. Push Button Feature is a great Electronic Dance album, I can picture these songs being played in a club and helping the energy in the building rise. NÆ has a great voice and has written very catchy lyrics and choruses which is so key in making good Electronic music, and the music is great too! It’s unique, utilizes different genres and instruments so as not to be the same thing over and over, each song is identifiable different in their beats and music.

You can stream Push Button Feature on your preferred streaming service and you can follow NÆ on Instagram and Facebook.

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