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People tend to count you out when you're a late bloomer. Ok, scratch that...people tend to count you out in general. I'm not sure what that's all about, human nature? Our innate need to feel superior? Whatever it is, it's a guarantee that sometime, somewhere when you least expect it, someone is gonna count you out. I love the quiet, more reserved approach to this behavior, as in showin up with a big ole can of whip ass to hit the stage (whatever that stage may be in life) and slay the naysayers with action. HOWEVER, I've learned more recently the more refined and mitigated way isn't always best. Sometimes a good old fashioned quick witted return of words and confident hair flip does the trick. Whatever your approach? NAIL IT. NAIL IT BIG. No one knows your journey better than you. Speak it, breathe it, live it loud. Yes. Yes. Yes You Can. Birdee Bow

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