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A Positive Feedback Freebie Love

I have a friend who is always getting free stuff... I mean always. She consistently has free tickets to the movies, free coupons for fabulous meals, free coffee, free grocery coupons for everything from fruit to muffins!! Coupons for free fashions and this girl is even rockin' a pair of free DESIGNER SHOES! I've witnessed this for a while, but it was only recently when I dove in with the question... "GIRL. WHAT is your SECRET?" Turns out she's a lover of YES and positive feedback. If she loves something? She lets the maker, the grocer, the movie producer, the fruit company, the musical artist, the fashion store, the restaurant, The YELP and the WORLD know!! Without fail, she finds someone to tell, somewhere to write about it and more often than not? THAT someone is SO elated to hear her sincere joy they in turn reward her with some free fabulosity. Most people use the YELP line for their grievances, imagine if we used it for the YES I am SO IMPRESSED line! One caveat? She said she only uses it when she truly LOVES the product or is blown away by something and never does it for the freebie, NOR does she ever ask for something in return. She just puts the good word out there, no expectation. She did admit being addicted to the FUN surprise when the occasional freebie comes her way. I'm just trying to imagine all the good vibes she puts out there with her positive feedback, sending hard working folks a good old fashioned pat on the back for a job well done. A M A Z I N G . Powerful thought isn't it? When we SHARE the positive and talk up the good, the day just seems to go a few steps further in our way. So what have you been loving lately? SHOUT IT. Shout it out loud. Dear Louboutin, I TRULY LOVE your Boots. ;) BE A FORCE Birdee

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