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A Little Magic with PHOEBE SILVA

Phoebe Silva is ALIVE with passion and MUSIC! Her free spirited approach not only to lyrics, but also to the VIBE of independence is much needed FRESH air for the wondering soul. READ ON to learn more about Phoebe and how she finds her magic... LISTEN to THE BEST THING! Here

I had no idea who I was until I started writing my own music. And even then, it took me a long time to find my voice. Ironic, since I’d been singing since I was 11 and performing since I was 3. 

We live in a capitalist society where media messaging drives our every waking moment. When I was a kid the internet was brand new and very few people had cell phones. And still I was influenced by fashion and beauty magazines, my friends, my parents... how does a young woman figure out how to be her authentic self? How does any young person?

I worried about being liked. I worried about being accepted. I changed schools every year throughout my entire childhood. I was always the new kid. I was always afraid of being isolated. I was shy but I learned how to make friends to survive. I mimicked other kids. I copied their opinions, their style, their interests. So I would have security. 

Then I went to theater school for college. Now instead of being liked and accepted by my peers, I worried about being liked and accepted by casting directors and agents. I tried to figure out my “type” and to dress appropriately for each role. Every audition I had wrecked me with insecurity and self-doubt. For a decade I was fueled by a need to express myself and a growing frustration with not knowing how or what that expression was. It was always for someone else’s approval. The need for validation paralyzed me.

Now I make music. I make it on my own terms. I lend my unique skill set, passion and personal expression to collaborations with other artists. I work with others to create worlds I see and hear in my head. When I first started writing songs, I was terrified that other people would reject them, and in doing so reject me. Instead a magical thing happened: as I put my thoughts and fears, insecurities and dreams, emotions and experiences on display through songwriting and performing and telling my stories onstage, people responded with compassion. They responded by relating. I made myself vulnerable by exposing all my complex inner workings and others were able to see themselves in my work. It was empowering. Through empowering myself, I am able to empower others.

This is what drives me now. In everything I do. Every lyric I write, every song I craft, every performance, every visual I curate. Self-empowerment. Truth. 

The truth is, we are each unique. And we are all connected. We share the same essence of humanity: fragile egos, self-awareness, a conflict between head and heart. A body that feels at times like a prison and at others like a palace. We all have hopes and dreams and fears. We all desire intimacy and connection. Our stories and circumstances make us unique: our humanity binds us together.

I don’t adhere to one genre or one title as an artist. I make music. Sometimes it’s retro, sometimes it’s jazz or blues, sometimes it’s pop or folk or rock n’roll or some weird hybrid of a bunch of things (usually that) and that’s what makes it unique. Some people may not “get it.” And that’s ok. I’m a modern woman with a vintage sensibility. I live in the 21st century but feel deeply connected to the past. I write songs telling past abusive lovers to fuck off and also songs about the nature of feeling spiritually infinite yet tethered to a human body. It’s all me. 

Once you let go of pleasing others you become free to please yourself. In doing so we set an example for others to live as they choose, on their own terms.

I teach children how to express themselves through music now. I teach them with the compassion I learned to give myself. As artists I believe we must separate the process from the product in order to create something authentic and truly meaningful.

You are more than a brand. You are an infinite being of light. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. 

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