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A Journey Worth Fighting For with ALONZO

Alonzo captures your attention with his incredible voice and amazing performances... but he captures your HEART with his beautiful spirit. Read on to learn more about his journey and finding his TRUE VOICE. CHECK OUT HIS MUSIC HERE!!

"Finding my authentic voice with music!" – BY ALONZO

A journey worth fighting for…My entire life I’ve had much to say. My mom recollects me having the ability to engage in full-blown conversations as early as the age of 2. As I grew up, I became more and more verbal so much so that it would often get me into trouble. This was when I began to hold things in. I felt that if I said nothing at all, I’d be safe. I often had a lot to say and wouldn’t say anything. My inner voice has always been present. I felt called, special, gifted, yet afraid. Afraid to offend. Afraid to hurt feelings. Afraid of “getting into trouble”. This was the programming of my childhood. This and other things led to anger and depression. Imagine a child, and later a teenager having passion about many things but afraid to express all of those emotions. I was a volcano waiting to erupt. Whether it be an eruption of anger & tears or an eruption of talent. There were things inside of me that needed to get out! 

As I entered adulthood I began to discover the power of my voice. Using my voice to sing gave me the ability to release my emotions and effortlessly command people’s attention. I had a unique voice. I didn’t have a deep voice like the average man. My speaking voice was soft and soothing. Yet my mind was determined and ambitious. I had the nurturing tone of a woman yet the power of a man. I could speak about love or war and still have the same impact. An impact that would leave people inspired and feeling better. It was through these realizations that I started to embrace my purpose. Using my voice for good! 

Fast forward to now. I have made it one of my life missions to fight against fear. The fear that hits home is this fear of speaking out. This is when I discovered my authentic voice in music. A voice that would be brave. Unequivocal. Strong yet nurturing. REAL yet compassionate. This was the voice I saved for the world. For many years, I hid the fact that I wanted to be a singer. I was so afraid of being judged that I would, once again, play it safe and keep my dream and talent hidden away. Today I simply refuse. I refuse to be silenced. It is for this very reason that I follow my heart without question today. Why? Because NOW is the time. We must speak through our art. We must use our voices to speak about the things they expect us to be silent about. If you’re like me, you hate confrontation but I can’t silence myself about race to avoid a disagreement. I can’t silence myself about human rights. Love, power, strength, peace, hope, faith…these are things I sing about.  I CAN’T BE SILENCED. WE Can’t…For too long, I chose silence. Now I realize, to be authentic we must speak. The authentic voice is not found at the surface. It is in the darkest places. The places we’re tempted to be silent. Our fears, our doubts, our memories, our pain, our shadows. This is where you find the light to be authentic. 

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