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5 TIPS to REVIVE your Creative Career During COVID-19

Incredible wisdom from ELEKTRA YAO of YAO LAW GROUP 1. Shoot a Live Video Shoot one live video a day. In this video, you should talk about your work and teach the public or about your work so that you begin to develop a relationship with your viewers. In the beginning, you won’t have any viewers. You might be lucky to have a friend or family member watch you. It’s ok. You need to be consistent and keep showing up. 2. Publish an Article Publish one article a week on Linkedin (yes, creative people need to be on Linkedin!). You need to provide valuable information to position yourself as a thought leader. Create simple content that people will understand, but that will also shed insight on you and your career. For example, if you are actor, write about a specific acting technique and which actors have utilized that technique and why. 3. File a Trademark This will help you in starting to envision yourself as a brand. Do you have a logo that you use? Do you utilize a signature phrase or do you want to start to do that? If that is the case the protect your brand by filing a trademark so that you can have the ownership of that phrase or that logo. 4. Find a Mentor Connect with an experienced professional in your field. Connect with people in your field to begin to develop insider knowledge of your field, tips, and best practices. Connect with a mentor to slowly create your professional network. Connect with a mentor whose career you admire. You can find a mentor by going on LinkedIn, reaching out to your alumni network, or sending cold emails. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you research the person so you bring value to the person that you want to connect with. I’m just going to give you a quick recap of my five tips to revive your creative career during COVID. 5. Create Your Artwork Create your artwork. Do what you do. It is very, very important to not get lost and not get distracted in the times of COVID. Creating your work will make you more confident in your abilities, it will center you, it will make you more curious about art and about your career, and it will remind you of why you chose to pursue your creativity and artistry. CONTACT us for more information about working with ELEKTRA!

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