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Thank you for being part of our zine. Tell us more about your beginnings in the industry! 

I don’t consider myself as being ‘in' the music industry. I actually dont consider Music to be an industry at all. 

Rather a very high form of creative expression, and when truly free and pure, it is powerful beyond compare.


I remain in service to, and of, that power. If we listen closely enough, the Music informs us as to who we should work with, why & how.

We have inherited “industry standards” yet very few people can pinpoint where they came from, why they exist, and how they’re justified.


Industry can certainly help and support the music, when it is driven with the right intention to serve first and foremost the music.

As soon as it becomes about serving self or somebody else's idea of what music should be, then it starts loosing its substance and musicians are 

exploited, used, deceivedd and sometimes trapped into situations where others can use and sell their music and image for personal or corporate gain.


My beginning with creating music was alongside my mother who was my first guitar teacher. I spent years as a street performer interacting and connecting with people on a street level. 2015 was the first Nattali Rize tour & Release after spending time developing the project in Kingston, Jamaica. I carry all those teachings, the energy, and experiences to my music and the stage. Like all of us, i'm in a constant state of evolution.


Where are you located now and where are you originally from? 

Currently located on tour in the U.S.A. Originally from all directions.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

Finishing my new album! I’m very excited to release new music into the Universe this year!

Our first single ‘Fear & Dread’ from my upcoming album is set to release this December, stay tuned to socials for worldwide release dates!

What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

Waking up each and every day and staying strong on the mission.
Being an independent musician/artist in this world and being able to travel and play music and share in postive energetic experiences 

with people from all walks of life, is a huge achievement. 

I drive, sell merch, book flights, accommodation, tour manage, sing and write the music… you literally have to wear multiple hats and

wear them well in order to thrive out here! 

Who are your number one supporters?
The People.


Please answer the following:  "One thing I had to overcome was... “ 

Being frustrated at the lack of female representation on the live music scene especially in the reggae genre where i am most of the time. Instead, I accept we are the change and part of the shift towards real and fundamental Balance across all of life and as such the Rize of female energy from all areas of our human experience will become more and more apparent as it is inevitable and a truly positive shift forward in these times on Earth.

Who are your top inspirations? 

The elders at Mauna Kea

Benny Wenda and The People of West Papua

The Indigenous of The Amazon and the World.

My higher self

All high frequency art and artists of all forms, platforms & genres.

Do you have any pre-show superstitions or rituals?

I always take conscious breaths inviting my highest self into the space to help guide me to be able to deliver the words, sounds and 

messages that I come to share.  

Any words of wisdom for young artists out there? 

Every situation is an opportunity to learn, grow and progress on your mission, including when it seems difficult and everything feels like it’s falling apart… remeber that sometimes things need to break down in order for them to be built up stronger and with more focus and fyah than ever before! Trust that you will find the right people in the right timing to help you and realize that the clearer you are with yourself on your goals and missions, the easier and faster it will be for the Universe to connect you with the right people who resonate on the frequency you’re seeking…


there are also a couple of great resources coming through the digital space to help artists along their journey, one i know of and that is good is which breaks down all the roles and responsibilities associated with being an artist today, check it out! 

Also is an awesome electronic promo kit app.


Keep Rizing, Keep going! 

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!

 Also, since this is a women's series we would love to hear any struggles of being a woman you've faced either in or out of the industry. Also, any advice for young women musicians.


Sistars! It’s our time now! Be relentless and unapologetic in your movements and mission toward your highest goals.

You are powerful beyond compare. The Future Is Female. Keep Rizing #Solidarity



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