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Courage, Love and Acting nice with a
Pizza Slice...


Tell us about your beginnings in the industry!

I began to sing on stage as a 5 year old kid having solos in musicals, I sang in choirs, went to piano and dancing school, yeah everything music related. While growing up I started to get requests about singing on weddings, baptisms, on restaurants and other events, so I understood that I needed to get my own company to make a living on it. And I did when I graduated. I had 3-5 gigs a week when it was the most in the summer.

In the beginning it was all just covers, 100% troubadour. Then 2015 I started to write my own songs and got a label that believed in me and my music. I released my first single 2016. And ever since that I knew my passion was to write about things that could make people get self confidence and believe in themselves or just think though what they are doing wrong and change that to the better. 2019 I changed my artist name to Miss Sister. And here we are: Electric pop Artist & Feminist!     

Where are you from and where are you located now? 


I'm located in Stockholm, Sweden. But originally from Kalmar in Southern of Sweden. 

Who are your top inspirations? 


My biggest inspiration is when I see people who are couragous and stand up for themselves and others in hard situations. If I should namedrop one Swedish queen who's making me laugh/cry/fight harder than ever, it's Mia Skäringer. Music related inspirations are Tove Styrke and LOVA.

Tell us about some of your tour experiences!


I had my first gigs outside of Sweden on my summer tour 2019, Germany, UK and Austria was three of the stops. I also made 3 collabs (1 featuring) with the #1 billboard listed Klaas during last year. So yeh the whole year was an amazing  music ride. I have a Pizza named after me as well in a restaurant in Kalmar where I'm from! That feels kinda cool. 

Who are your top supporters? 


My biggest supporters are the ones who can relate to my strong unfiltered lyrics. Often women and girls who have been through a lot or just want to be a part of the change. It feels amazing to be some sort of help and sister with my music. We are in this together.

What is your favorite part of touring?


I love to see new places, stages and crowds and getting message out there. I totally love it when someone has a response after listening to my music and express how they now feel more ok to be who they are... Or are less scared to chase their dreams, or maybe they broke up with their bossy boyfriend!

Any tough challenges along the way? 

It's not always easy to say what you want to say when there are people against you. I got hundreds of dick pics one night on my social media when I released a song 2017 where I sing "I don't want a dick pic or a freaking nude"... yeah it's true.  And 2018 I got all my accounts shut down on a release day cuz apparently someone could not handle my lyrics "I don't wanna be sexual just cuz I'm acting nice, all I want in my mouth right now, is a Pizza Slice", but it has always been mostly kind words, and that's what keeps me going.

Any advice to other young artists out there?  


Take the chance! Dare to believe in your music and your rights. Use music as a way to describe your feelings, anger, happiness. Nothing is wrong.  Be creative and think outside the box. No one will notice someone who goes in line all her life. Ask questions if you need help. Start going on events and shows you wanna be in and be inspired. You will get there! 

Goals in 2020 and beyond? 


I see my feministic songs in top list and scenes all over the world. I wanna have dancers and an awesome crew behind me. And I wanna keep on making changes with my music. Keep on doing what I love the most!  

INSTAGRAM @misssistermusic





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