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"Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire!"

How did you get started in the industry? 

I started singing when I was around 5. My mom was a music teacher and she plays almost every instrument out there! She passed on her passion for music to me and ever since I sat down with her at the piano and started singing I haven't been able to stop! I took a break for a little and focused on pursuing my Chemistry degree at the University of Pittsburgh but once I completed my degree I started traveling down to Nashville and started to write songs and perform with my band and decided that I need to pursue this passion full time! <3

What is your biggest motivations? 


My biggest motivation and one of the reasons I LOVE Nashville is the country music community and how amazing everyone is! Being able to sing and sit on stage with some of the most talented song writers and singers in the business is honestly such a gift and so humbling! It pushes me and starts a fire in me to write better songs and be the best performer I can possibly be!

Who are your biggest inspirations? 


My biggest inspirations include Dolly Parton, Carly Pearce, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Acorn, Sara Evans, Mickey Guyton, and so many more! Female Country music artists are just constantly evolving and pushing the envelope and really putting out the best music and they are what I have on repeat on my spotify..the Women of Country playlist. I also love listening to Shewolf radio which promotes some really amazing female country artists that I wouldn't have found if I was just listening to radio. 


What have been your greatest accomplishments? 

 This is a toughie...there have been so many moments in my journey that I really like to pause and remind myself to take a breath and soak it in since sometimes I get really caught up thinking that I'm not doing enough, that I'm not working hard enough and need to work harder and sometimes I'm really tough on myself in that sense! I think meeting Leslie Fram at an event in Nashville has truly been a highlight for me! She is a huge advocate for women in country music and also just someone I look up to in the music industry and her career. 

What advice would you give to others out there following in your footsteps? 


My advice would be do it! Get out there and do what sets your soul on fire and what makes you happy! Sometimes people struggle with the fear of not being a good enough performer or a good enough writer (I struggle with this as well) but you need to continue to do it to get better and I promise you will get better! Right now I am working on my guitar playing...I know enough to play chords and write songs but I want to be able to play my songs by myself one day and feel comfortable and excited! The only way I can get there is by practicing and working on it everyday and sometimes I want to give up but I wont let myself and you shouldn't either! If this is your dream don't give are going to get no's sometimes more than yes's at first and you are going to have setbacks but you can not give up! Surround yourself with people who have your back and support you and can help you during the rough times! I was able to meet Joe Ginsberg at Songathon in Nashville this past year and he said one thing that has really stuck with me and that I always go to when I am struggling which is he has never heard of anyone in the music business making it who has given up. You need to keep working, keep improving and most importantly keep being honest and true to yourself!

What do you love most about your work? 


Meeting and talking with people! I LOVE people so being able to meet and talk with new people (And if they like my music I do so many happy dances on the inside!!) after shows or before shows really means the world to me! I also love performing and love writing songs (it makes my heart so happy!) Being able to write a song full of my truth and honesty and having someone say that it has helped them or they have gone through that really makes it all worth it! 

What have been some of your challenges? 


I have always struggled with feeling the need to make everyone around me happy even at the expense of myself. Like I said I LOVE people and one of my goals in life is to show everyone just how truly special they are, because everyone out there is amazing and sparkles in their own special way, and sometimes my want and need to make everyone happy puts my needs on the back burner. I have really been working on that and spending some time caring for myself mentally and physically lately by going to the gym eating right and every now and then spending the night in and catching up on all the reality tv (some of my favorites are below deck, Love is Blind, Real Housewives of Dallas, and so much more!!!)

Also a more serious issue and not just one that involves my struggle but it is the struggle that all female country artists are facing today! I strongly encourage everyone to go look at the work Change the Conversation is doing in Nashville as well as CMT in trying to have equal play time and equal opportunities for female country artists in the industry today!

How do you unwind? 


The best way to unwind really depends for me! Sometimes I love going to the gym and just being able to reset and feel good/healthy/strong and other days I just come home put on some jammies and a face mask and watch all the reality tv my little heart desires! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 


In 5 years I would really love to be traveling, playing, and writing music as much as possible. A huge goal of mine would be to play the Opry and the Bluebird one day as well as be a SXM Highway Find ( I love listening to SXM The Highway and finding my new favorite country artists and I hope some day that could be me for someone :) )

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