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If you don't know the name LYRIC MICHELLE, you should really come out from beneath the rock where you've been hiding.   This performer is creating the kind of noise that will not be quieted.  Bold in her approach, unapologetic in her delivery, this beautiful power force of unstoppable talent is here to be heard and 100% determined to change a flawed and misdirected narrative.  Having been featured in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE and chosen as Houston's TOP PERFORMER OF THE YEAR,  Lyric is no stranger to the limelight and no wall flower when it comes to seeking brave change.  Listen up to the poetry, music and message of this phenomenal performer. 

Thank you for being part of our zine. Tell us about your name, LYRIC MICHELLE. How did it come about? 


Well Lyric came along when I began to perform my poetry, before I really committed to music. She was a way out of a tough time. She gave me the audacity to believe I was special. She taught me I was worthy long before "Michelle" agreed. My name is Michelle. The name my Nigerian father gave me to fit in an America that couldn't see passed their biases against "ethnic" sounding names. I started to use "Lyric Michelle" when I started really recording music. It was an interesting shift from my poetry. I started to really become introspective in my writing, yet more and more brave.  There became the merge between Lyric and Michelle



Where are you located now. Where are you from? How did you get started?


Right now I am in LA, but I'm from Houston. I started as a poet in a group with a close friend.  I started doing cyphers , competitions, and open mics rapping in Houston after finally cutting off toxic relationships and situations. I found my voice. I started booking shows, being the local opening act for artists like Travis Scott and Mick Jenkins and finally putting on my own headlining solo sold out shows. It was so dope to connect with my city through my passion in that way. Now I'm currently between Houston and LA where I connected with NIKE as the sponsor of myself and a group of powerful women creatives to run The Chicago Marathon.  It took place this past October; which lead to my THREE CITY PULL UP TOUR.  I'm just planning for the future and trying to tell my story. 

Top musical influences?


 I'd say I really grew up loving the music of 2pac, Lauryn Hill then J.Cole and even the Kendricks. I think that question is too hard to answer in this medium. There isn't a list out there that is thorough enough.  Hip Hop has been here for a while now. All of my influences were influenced. 

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

 Word of the year is Execute. I want to complete projects, I want to create, I want to release more content. That is the objective.

TOP favorite venues or festivals to play?


 I know there are going to be many festivals I will accidentally leave out so I won't insult them lol, but I'll say first time at Afro Punk in Brooklyn was such an unapologetic black experience before Black Girl Magic, I was in awe. I would love to be a part of the way that made me feel.

 Where can our readers catch a show soon?


 My Next Show is actually January 23rd at SilverLake Lounge 8pm!

 We know you have a very motivated message and mission with your music. Please share. 


 I just want to give the whole truth. A perspective never available to a black woman. Our stories are told by people who are not us and the fixation on our pain is too apparent without a bright light at the end beyond the already accepted narrative. I want to show my abuse is not yours to "grow from" a man's tool for maturity. Naw fuck that, My abuse is about MY story After.  Because, there is an after, and I am not your broken mad angry over-sexualized prop.

 Your lyrics are heart breaking, motivating and inspirational all at the same time. Where do you seek your writing inspiration and where/ when do you most enjoy writing? 


 I try to focus on the moment, my moment that I finally understood pretending the demons aren't there won't make them go away. Facing your fears, working through your pain is how you breakthrough. 

Please list your social links & any other info you would like to share with our readers.


 IG/Twitter: @iAmLyric

Thank you Lyric.  You are truly an inspiration. 

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