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"If you can master FOCUS , you can master anything!"

How did you get started as a Lifestyle Coach? And what drives you to keep going?

I founded Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, to help others who needed guidance with
focusing. You see, I used to be all over the place. I had so many missed opportunities because I
failed to focus. I was severely distracted, unfocused, and my life was going nowhere. After some
soul searching and help from my mentor, Dr. Francine Childs, and several other sources, I
learned to focus, overcome distractions, and put an end to procrastination. I realized that my past
misfortunes make me even more approachable. At the request of one of my coaches, I decided
to become a certified life and business coach, soon after, I launched Focused Driven Lifestyle
Coaching, LLC, with the motto: Live Your Focus! This motto is rooted in our mission
statement, Helping You Focus, Prioritize, and Achieve, so You Can Enjoy a Focused-Driven


What drives me is knowing that a despite being bullied, called “retarded,” and sexually abused
for three years by a teacher as a child; I had a whirlwind of reasons to fail; I found the courage to
get help from a great coach/mentor whom I affectionately call “Momma Childs.” I owe her and
the world a huge debt. And my way of paying it back is to pay it forward through sharing and
service. What also keeps me going are my clients, for example, I’m reminded of Danada, who
was a single mother of two boys and working as a hairdresser but had the desire to go to law
school in her forties, which was a childhood dream of hers, but life got in the way. She worked
with me, and we got her to refocus her mind and energy back towards her dream, second, we put
together a priority list of the steps she needed to take (take one paralegal course at a community
college). When Danada got an A in the class, she continued to move forward and earned her
Associate Degree, then her BA, and went on to enroll in a prestigious law school in Michigan.
Stories like Danada and hundreds more, keep me going, watching them transform, and “Live
their Focus!”


Did you try other professions before settling in this career path? If so, what were they?

In college, I majored in Healthcare Administration. It was my goal to run a hospital or a Long-
term Care Facility. I worked in the industry for about three years and hated it. Then an
opportunity opened up to work in Human Resources, and I spent about twenty-five years in
Human Resources; in fact, I continue to consult in the field of HR and conduct training for
organizations, universities, associations, and corporations on HR issues. Continuing to consult
and train on HR issues, especially employee relations, labor relations, and performance, it has
helped my coaching business because I can draw from my wealth of experience and knowledge
to help my coaching clients deal with issues they may be facing on their job. It gives me a
perspective and ability to relate and empathize with my clients when they are having a problem
with their supervisor or co-workers.


Who are your biggest inspirations in the business world?

That is an awesome question, but a loaded question, because I have so many who have inspired
me. I would have to put them into three categories. For coaching, it would be Master Coach Karl
Romain. In business and Leadership, Dr. John C. Maxell and for Human Resources, it would be
Dr. Brad Shuck.

What do you believe is the key to success?

It has been rightly said that ‘if you can master focus, you can master anything.’ One of the
greatest challenges of the modern world is being able to focus. Lack of focus can harm your
personal and business life. Therefore, the key to my success and my client’s success is the ability
to focus their mind and energy. Second is helping my clients to succeed, like Sarah, a young
restaurant executive who was struggling with customer foot traffic and sales, she hired us to help
her put together a strategy, and within 30 days she saw a major increase in foot-traffic and due to
her success and revenue growth, she was given a second location and increased her sales by over
35 percent. She credited her success by working with me in helping her get focused and set
profitable priorities, so she could achieve success.

What is something you have struggled with within your career?

Due to a lack of focus early in my life, I missed some great business opportunities and faced
many setbacks until I decided to do something different.  I learned to clear my mind and focus
my energies on eliminating my debilitating beliefs, and within a few weeks, I saw dramatic
results; that was over fourteen years ago. Today, when I feel that I’m drifting back into becoming
distracted, I ask myself this simple question, “What should I be focusing on now?” This simple
question helps to bring my attention back into focus.

What is your favorite part about your job?

The favorite part of my job is watching a client transform themselves. While its true as
entrepreneurs, we love selling... and we often treat all marketing avenues the same. We think of it
as a numbers game. A few years ago, I met with a client who ran a restaurant, was looking for
ways to increase foot traffic, and decided to change the menu. Before doing so, he met with
me and told me about his idea. He was so excited to try out a new menu that he and his staff
spent a lot of time putting together and training the staff on how to present these new menu
items, which would replace about 75 percent of the current items on the menu. After listening
to him, I asked a simple question, “What information or data did you get from your current
customers about changing the menu?” My client looked perplexed and said, “We didn’t ask
our customers.”

This is a common mistake that happens, assuming we know what is best for our customers
without getting their input or feedback. Without being informed, it is a recipe for disaster. As
it turns out, my client was able to avoid a huge setback because he took action and showed the
new menu items to his existing customers, and realized that over 67 percent, said they would
change restaurants if the menu did not serve the food they were accustomed to ordering.
In fact, the restaurant had a reputation for serving the best fish and chips platter in the city. It

pays to be informed. The key here is to get out of your own way! Before making huge changes to
your product line or services, it is vital to test the market and if you are an online business to split test your
ideas and to collect as much data as possible to make an informed decision, not a decision based on what
you thought would be a great idea.

Likewise, you must be committed to the process. When you think of Steve Jobs of Apple, he was
a man of immense focus, creativity, and commitment. Being creative allows you to focus on the
limitless possibilities rather than the limits of your thinking.

#1 advice you give your clients?

The #1 advice I give my clients, especially those in business is to follow our FOCUSED
Business Model: 
 Focus on Strategic Prospecting
 Operational Process Excellence
 Customer-focused staff
 Utilization of platforms to promote products/services
 Systematize profit-generating activities.
When you focus on your business, you will succeed. For my life coaching clients, the
FOCUSED Life Model is similar:
 Follow
 One
 Course
 Until
 Successful

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs looking to do what you’re doing?

Don’t be afraid to fail your way into success. None of us likes to fail at anything. That’s no big secret!
The truth is, all of us will fail at something, and most of us will have multiple failures in some areas of
our life. We’ve all heard the sayings of “If you haven’t failed in business, you’re not taking enough action,”
and inventors and business leaders like Colonel Sanders failed many times before becoming successful.
Here is a shortlist of inventors and celebrities who failed multiple times, but kept going until they achieved

 Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting out of 900 in his life, Red Vineyard at Arles
 Sidney Poitier was brutally rejected by the American Negro Theater for his Bahamian Accent and poor reading skills.
 Steven Spielberg was rejected by USC prestigious film school twice
 Dr. Seuss first book was rejected by 27 publishers
 Kansas City Star fired Walt Disney because the editor felt he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.
 Oprah Winfrey was publically fired from the her first television anchor job because she was too emotionally invested in her stories.

 Sir James Dyson went through 5,126 failed prototypes and his savings over 15 years before becoming successful and worth over 4.9 billion dollars.

Here is what they had in common; they did not allow failure to stop them! Instead, it ignited a desire to focus and keep pushing forward.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Our goal is to be conducting our signature live events all over the world. Such as our Live Your Focus Encounter 2020, September 26-27, 2020. At our LYFE 2020 Conference, you will get laser-focused on what you want to achieve in life, business and relationships by getting the tools, strategies, and coaching needed to realize your dreams... in only 2 days. Detail about the event,
go to

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