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Honduras to New Jersey

Female Rocker Super power

Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about your beginnings in the industry!

Thanks for having me! I’m not new to music, but I’m pretty new to the music industry. I guess making my first album – a solo album in a basement in southern jersey – was my first entry.  That was the first time I started thinking seriously about the production side of the business – it took doing a second solo album before I realized – oh, holy hell – this is a MONSTER of an industry.  I decided to pull my own band together and make my music the way I wanted to. Of course, working with industry veterans like David Amlen (Sound on Sound Studios), Ray Ketchem (Magic Door Studios) and Jim Mastro (Ian Hunter & the Rant Band), among others, is an incredible education if you’re paying attention.

Where are you located now and where are you originally from? 

I was born in La Lima, Honduras.  Now, I live in the great state of New Jersey.  I can tell you that getting from one to the other wasn’t a straight line, not by a long shot.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

I live for goals, so in terms of the band – tour everywhere we’re wanted in support of our second band EP – Set of Seven – (dropping early 2020) and, of course, make more music together. My always and forever personal goals are to keep paying attention, show up and speak up for peace, love & justice, and stay true to myself, my family and my friends.

What have been the specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

As a female rocknroller with a pretty full life already lived under my belt, one challenge has been to convince people to listen my music without bias – once they do, especially once someone sees us perform live, they’re usually totally in.  The greatest achievements of my music career so far are (i) making and maintaining the band and (ii) having so many fans tell us to “keep going, don’t stop!”.  It’s the best feeling knowing we’re connecting with people in a positive, powerful way.

Please answer the following... "If my fans really knew me,they would know that...

I’m funny as hell -as in the-family-clown funny (a good skill being the 5th of 6 kids…).  One of my sisters has been trying to convince me to do stand up for YEARS.

Who are your top inspirations?  

My mother and father

Having accomplished so much in your career, are there more dreams you hope to conquer? 

I'm always dreaming – so yeah – but I don’t want to conquer my dreams, I want to live them!

Any words of wisdom for your fans out there? 

Listen to your heart, find the people who share your dreams and build something beautiful together.  Don’t stop just because it’s hard – and keep in mind - as my mother told me: “no one else will do it for you”.

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!  

You can always find us on




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