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Lauren Carter

Music Is The Universal Language


What originally interested you in music, and how did you transition into the industry?


I've been doing music since childhood, and got my degree in voice - so after college, I've been working as an artist and performer ever since.  


What motivates your creative process? 


I get ideas from different sources and at different times.  Sometimes I'm inspired by great songs, and get ideas for my own next work, sometimes I'm inspired by an art exhibit or a writer or a film.  It all just kind of flows together, and one idea will just gel and I'll start a new song.  


Who inspires you to keep writing and singing? 


I'm inspired by all my favorite artists, I'm inspired by new sources all the time. During the quarantine, my best friend just sent me a Joni Mitchell song and I am already inspired to write a new song based on just a few lines that really resonated with me!  At the moment, I'm inspired by what's happening in the world and how to put some of my thoughts onto paper and into a song... a lot to digest these days.  And as an introspective and analytical person, I have a lot coming to me right now to sit down and hash out soon.   


What do you love most about making music? 


Creating things in music form that combine poetic ideas, share ideas and feelings and moods - music is the universal language. 



What is the hardest thing about making music? 


All of it is difficult, to do it well.  You honestly have to practice a lot!  So just taking the time to perfect your craft - that is the hardest thing.  

What were the challenges of your new single ‘Chase The High’? 


Figuring out the vocal placement, for me, was the hardest part.  But the song wrote itself.  

What did you learn from making this single? 


That I have confidence in my ideas for doing more electronic sounding music as well as the singer-songwriter stuff I normally vibe on.   


Is there any path you’d want to explore now because of your single?


Artistically, I really want a different live show experience stemming from this song (more visual and more electronic) and I want to shoot a killer dance based music video.  


What advice would you give a younger version of yourself about the path you’ve taken? 


I'd tell myself - never be afraid to invest my time and money into making art, and don't doubt so much this is the path you should be on.   Also, don't let the nerves get to you so much.  (I used to get really nervous.)  Make music for yourself - then let others in on it.  It's always going to be worth it. And no, you're probably not going to end up getting a corporate job or a law degree, so just go all in!  ;) It's a valid career.  That's what I would tell myself, to stop being so worried about my choices. If I've learned one essential thing in life: it's not to make decisions based on fear.  Life is more fun, and more rewarding, when you act in spite of your fears.


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