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Siren in a Sea of Static

Find out more about the beautiful modern siren with a love for the 90's, sad girl anthems and all things vintage...

Thank you for being part of our zine, Kendall.  Tell us more about yourself,  when did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

Thank you!  I think it was always innate in me to want to create and share. Whether that was a song or a poem or performing in theater. I remember seeing D'Angelos music video "Untitled" and thinking  "This is what I want to do!" I thought the music, visuals and emotion he conveyed was the ultimate masterpiece. 

Where are you located and where are you originally from? 

I grew up in a small beach town on the east coast of Florida.  I now live in the valley of Los Angeles! 

Top musical influences?


 Nirvana, Tori Amos, Nina Simone, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Bjork, Soundgarden, Eartha Kitt and Elliot Smith. 

Goals for 2019 and beyond?


 To be moved and to move others!

Which comes first for you the lyrics or the musical inspo?


Lyrics!!! Most every song of mine was written based on just a beat or rhythm. When playing with words and rhythm it allows me the freedom to create - Almost like rapping. Finding or hearing a melody is always usually the last thing I do. 

Where can our readers catch a live show soon?

 May 4th at The Viper Room in West Hollywood! On at 9:30pm. 

Please answer the following... "If my fans really knew me, they would know that... " 

 That I love tarot cards and black cats!  Oh and that I buy most of my clothes at vintage stores & Goodwill!

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!
IG:  Kendall.Rucks


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