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Katharine Story



 Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about your beginnings in the industry!

Thank you for your interest!
I always dressed uniquely in school and was somewhat of a rebel - I lived in London in the 80’sand was exposed to the freedom of the designers there - they were not afraid to create and didn’t really think of a business plan of any sort. It really opened my mind to the possibilities and to just get into the game and start expressing myself, I feel I still have that energy with me now - not waiting for the right time, but always jumping with my heart and letting my body follow!

Where are you located now and where are you originally from? 

Currently I am living in Ibiza, Spain. I have a boutique in Laguna Beach, California and I am the 3rd generation of artists in my family that have resided there since the 30’s.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

I have taken this time in Spain to redefine my esthetics and design a new chapter for both myself and my collection. So it is revealing itself and I am enjoying the process, rather than forcing the known, I am embracing the unknown.

What have been the specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

Challenges ! To stay unique and yet to grow and expose my work without compromising my creative expression. One of the highlights of my career was being invited to Rome Fashion Week, a couple years ago, amazing experience, but also to have a boutique in Laguna beach for over 20 years now, I think is a huge accomplishment, considering the retail climate.

Where can our readers catch up with you out there soon? 

Laguna Beach! I also have a pop-up boutique in Santa Fe, New Mexico and looking forward to what unfolds here in Ibiza, as well as a possible show during Paris Fashion Week, and a few other hush-hush collabs!

Please answer the following... "If my fans really knew me,  they would know that... " 

I have a deep spiritual practice and connection to bring beauty, opulence and abundance to the world, thru my designs.

Who are your top inspirations? 

Right now I love LOEWE and Jonathan Anderson, as well as the Italian line Attico.

Having accomplished so much in your career, are there more dreams you hope to conquer?

So many more dreams! I was just thinking this morning how rich is my desire for life and experiencing new things. I am currently taking Spanish lessons as well as working with artisans here on the island.

Any words of wisdom for your fans out there? 

If you are loving what you are doing, you will jump to get up every morning. Take a chance on your passion.

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!

If you are loving what you are doing, you will jump to get up every morning. Take a chance on your passion.




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