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The Organic High End Skincare of Your Dreams...

1) Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about your beginnings in the industry!

In 2002 I realized there was no organic high end product on the market, organic at the time meant greasy and flowery not light and modern.  We coined the expression “eco chic"

 How did you learn about Skin Care and the science behind it? 


I studied the scriptures of the great alchemist Paracelsus and found a laboratory that until today works with his formulas making homeopathic remedies and botanical  pharmaceuticals.During a past life regression I found out that I was a great alchemist in Ancient Rome.

Where are you located now and where are you originally from? 

I live mostly in Los Angeles, CA, but travel extensively as I do a lot of one on ones with my clients allover the world. We currently sell in 13 countries. I am born in Germany, but never felt German.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

Just riding the wave everything about us is different. We have no sales force. People, stores, SPA’s dermatologists find us.When they find us we know they are ready and the consciousness is at level to understand our high frequency products that are healing remedies disguised as cosmetics.

What have been the specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

Challenging is the production, we do bio fermentation to create probiotic life stock that takes time, some products have to mature for over 9 month. Our demand right now is higher than our production.


Where can our readers catch up with you out there promoting Julisis? 

We are very good in serving our customers online. Any questions asked are answered within 24 hours,Sometimes we ask for pictures to really see the skin.  Or of course in any personal appearances around the globe.

Please answer the following: "If I could have one super power it would be…”

Life is about cleaning up: cosmetics, the ocean, politics

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!


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