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Julie Mintz

Songstress On Fire

Read on to learn more about the soul and sound of gorgeous performer, writer and singer Julie Mintz...

Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about yourself,  when did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

Thanks for including me. I was raised in a more academically-focused family, so even though I always sang in choir and played the piano, I never considered being an artist as a career option. It wasn’t until I went to college and was majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and interning in a hospital that I had a quarter life crisis and realized I would be happier working in the arts. That’s when I started playing music again and picked up guitar and began writing songs. It was mostly a tool to deal with my angst at that time.

Where are you located and where are you originally from? 

I live up in a quiet, green part of the hills near Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. I’m originally from the small town of Corpus Christi, Texas down on the Gulf of Mexico.

Top musical influences?  Tell us more about performing with MOBY!

Growing up in South Texas, my musical influences lean very classic country like Dolly Parton, June Carter Cash, Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline, and Patty Griffin. I was super lucky to meet Moby several years ago when we were across-the-street neighbors and he invited me to sing and play in his band. Crazy but true: my very first job with him was performing on The Tonight Show. My favorite thing about working with Moby is that he is my best friend. So we just like spending time together, and I often monopolize our conversations by getting his advice on my love life, and we always laugh a lot. And occasionally on the side we play music together.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

I’d love for more people to hear songs from my album ABANDON ALL HOPE OF FRUITION. Beyond that, I am going to spend this summer working on new music and finishing a dark comedic novel I’m writing about dating in Hollywood.

 Which comes first for you the lyrics or the musical inspo?

I’m definitely more lyric-leaning when it comes to songwriting. I’m very inspired by poetry and often write about my own dark life experiences ,so it’s always the story first for me. That being said, only certain melodies and chords can match a lyric and a feeling so the music is always equally as important. In an ideal world, I like to write music and lyrics simultaneously.

Where can our readers catch a live show soon?

My next live show will be on May 6 on 88.5 KCSN on Nic Harcourt’s morning radio show, playing songs from ABANDON ALL HOPE OF FRUITION.

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