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So , in this picture I’m around 13-14 and was really excited about webcams and the apps you could use for video chatting.  At the time, I was still figuring out my style and my biggest desire at the time was to seem cool and to fit in. I think this was the first time I tried to actually edit my pictures and since it was webcam quality I just completely screwed it up lol!

If you had a super power what would it be and why?


“I actually have a couple in mind, but if I had to pick it would be between telekinesis and the ability to control water. I’d enjoy having telekinesis because of several reasons, honestly I think it would make me the laziest human being ever lol but being able to control things with my mind is just incredible. The water ability came from Avatar the last air bender , I completely love that show and the waterbenders were my favorite! Just seeing different ways of them manipulating water was just really cool for me!”

If you HAD to change and LEARN a whole new musical genre by tomorrow,  what style would you be writing, playing, recording  in the morning like a pro? 

“If I had to change I’d most likely do reggae , the genre is a fun one relative to pop and just the vibe of the music makes you want to dance and have the best time.” 

Your favorite food and where can we get it?!!


“And here comes the fat kid inside of me!  Let me tell you about this masterpiece from “Mugshots” it’s a burger with egg , and  3 different cheeses dressed by Hawaiian buns! The burger is one of the best I’ve ever eaten and it even inspired me to create my own version which consists of egg , sausage , macaroni and cheese and fries. Yes I know it sounds like a lot and the burger is huuuge!  I have perfected it and I call it *cough cough* THE JJ BURGER ! that is copyrighted by the way lol 

Are you a CHEF in the kitchen...or someone grab the fire extinguisher?


I’m in between lol , it depends on the dish ! If I’ve never tried it before? Then keep the fire extinguisher close.

Are you a gamer or make mine Monopoly? 

I am a gamer! I play my playstation 4 almost everyday, I’ve been a gamer since birth. I always had one and just loved being distracted from everything. I literally go into my own little world.  

What song do you sing, rap or yodel most in the shower?


Usually my own. I pretend I’m in the video!

The first word your best buds would use to describe you...

I’m thinking they’d describe me as adventurous, I’m always trying to plan something or sign us up for something to do.  I do this because I’m always trying to have fun and do things we usually wouldn’t.  It's all about the memories and a good time!

Holiday season lover or PLEASE I want it alllll to be over...

I’m really big on holidays and the fall is the best. I love the feeling of everything shifting. Even the world kind of adjusts and it’s about love and kindness and just seeing everyone smiling.  That holiday feeling of wishing good upon others is just a feeling I love to experience and remember .

Furry friends or give me a goldfish?  

I do have a dog , his name is Bruno and he’s a year and 7 months old.  He’s always hyper and goofy and reminds me so much of myself. I adopted him from the shelter when he was a pup and ever since then he’s been my right hand.


Last but not least:  What's happening with your music in 2019 and tell us about your New SINGLE/ ALBUM/ SHOW Wtv you want to talk about here...


2019 is the year I will most definitely put out my EP ,I will be performing more and shooting videos. 2019 is going to be a great year for me as an artist.

Thanks Jordan!

Keep up with Jordan here
@highhimjordvnand I can’t wait to show the world me as a musician and I really hope everyone enjoy my music.

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