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The Man and The Mission

Producer, Musician and Inspirational Speaker on the move...

Hi Joey, we appreciate your time today.  What are you currently working on?


Thanks for allowing me to share my story with your readers!


I am working on a number of projects at the moment. One is a brand new studio space. My studio, Shadow Sound ( has been around since 1996 and has grown a lot over the years. We have a great recording environment with a control room, main tracking room, drum room, vocal room and Piano/keyboard room. This last has two baby grand pianos, two Wurlitzer EPs and a vintage Lowrey Organ.


The current studio will become our B-room once the new space is finished.


The new space, however, is really special and we have some amazing things planned. I won’t give it all away, but the main control room and tracking room will be on one floor that is around 9000 square feet. The new studio will be able to accommodate full orchestras and choirs, in addition to rock bands and large jazz bands. This will truly be a destination studio and we’re even doing some basic hotel rooms so bands and artists can stay onsite.


I am also slowly getting around to some new music of my own. I have about four albums worth of songs that need to be recorded and I am writing new songs all the time. I have some cool progressive rock tracks in the can, one of which features keyboardist Ryo Okumoto,  and they just need to be mixed and mastered. In addition, I have some rockin’ blues material and jazz recordings that need the same. I even have a hand full of country novelty songs written with my dear friend and keyboard player for my band, Tom Rule.


I also just finished producing a record for mega church  Ebenezer in SanFrancisco. It is a primarily Spanish language album called “Renacer” and it is a special record well worth a listen.


I just finished a hip-hop client WillieF1 where I tracked, mixed and mastered his project. This is his first record and he is very talented. I expect great things from him. His current single is called Bounce and is available at the usual suspects:-)


Finally my team and I are busily promoting our current record “ In The Shadow Of The Sun “ and are getting ready to head out on tour of New York, New Jersey and Washington, D. C. 


Where have been your favorite places to travel and visit?


I have always had a deep sense of wonder and curiosity. So I find every new place exciting and have a few places I love to visit again and again and a few where I would live if I wasn’t firmly ensconced in Macon, GA!


So, I love London, NYC, Chicago and Oahu. I would totally live in any of those places and I love visiting them. There is an energy in those places that is thrilling and at the same time feels like home to me. I just had a great trip to Chicago where I performed at the Elbo Room and also for the single A ball club the “ Kane County Cougars”. This team is just wonderful and has a very storied history with a lot of major leaguers starting their careers with the team.


The Cougars were kind enough to present me with a ball cap and a team signed T-shirt. After I performed, many of the school kids that were in the audience that day stopped me for selfies:-) It was a real heart warming moment!


I grew up around St. Augustine, Florida, and love that beach! I am hoping to do a few shows there or at Hilton Head, South Carolina, during July.


The truth is—I love to be on the go and find new places and new people. This is something my parents instilled in me when I was young. They felt that I would learn more about the world and about myself by visiting different places, so most summers we had some kind of major trip somewhere new.


I am always looking forward to the next adventure and enjoy reliving past travels.

What do you feel is your secret to success?



One of the things I speak about in my inspirational talks about being a blind brain tumor survivor  is what I like to call the four pillars of a successful life. I won’t go into the entire concept of the talk, but the first pillar is intention. If you don’t live a life of intention you aren’t living at all. Each of us is a unique being that is suited to gifting others in many ways. It is scary to reach for your dreams and it isn’t an easy road to choose, working hard for something that others may not understand or support. Buy you have to be who you are!  


By understanding who you are, and what matters to you, and following that core of intention, you can live a life that is meaningful and that makes you happy.

How do you inspire others to go for their dreams as well?


By being honest about my life, the struggles and triumphs I have had, and by making those things relatable to other people. I also use a lot of humor. The fact is, being blind isn’t easy, but it is, at times, funny! I love life and we spend far too much time being unhappy when we should be grateful for our blessings. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t express how you feel and that being sad or mad doesn’t have its place in our lives, just that you shouldn’t dwell on those things exclusively. I also use music to share stories, as music is the most powerful force I know for positive change. Music is a great tool for comfort when we are feeling low and a great tool for honest introspection. I belive that basically we have two viable choices when it comes to dealing with problems we face in our lives. One way is to decide to be at peace and lay down the burden of sadness or trouble; to realize that there are some things you can’t control and as long as you have done your best then you have done all you can do. No point railing against things beyond your power. The other choice is to work hard and fight for positive change, knowing it won’t be an easy task. I have, at one time or another, done both of these things and work towards a balanced approach to everything. Sometimes you have to give yourself grace and know you have done all you can. And sometimes, you have to stand and be counted and dedicate yourself to changing hearts and minds including your own. I put it all out there and share all of myself—flaws and all:-)


I find that I inspire others the most by just being who I am.


Any new releases coming our way?


At the moment, I am still very much focused on the current album “In The Shadow Of The Sun. “. But I do have a plan to release an EP of alternate versions of my song “Aint It Good TO BE In Love” that I co-wrote with my dear friend Charlie Hoskyns, who sadly passed away in 2017.


This will be something special as another dear friend Chris Hicks, of Marshall Tucker, has agreed to be part of this project and I have a number of cool alternative  mixes including one of just the middle school concert choir we featured on the current version of the song on the “ In The Shadow Of The Sun“ record.


As to when this will come out, I am not sure, but I expect late this year or early next year. I also have some singles of mine that were only ever released on cassette tape back in the early 90’s that I am toying around with releasing digitally again possibly in the next 6 months or so.


When you're not playing and performing how do you spend your time?


I am a bit obsessed with music and listen to it constantly. I am also a book worm and read a lot, in my case audio books. I enjoy everything  from physics to history to thriller and SCI FI and Fantasy. Yeah, I am a Star Wars fan and Game of Thrones fan as well, but I  love biographies and everything in between. Recently I just finished reading the Mueller Report, “So Anyway” byJohn Cleese and “Good Omens” which is now a mini series on Amazon. I am also a movie fan. A lot of people think, and understandably so, that blind folk don’t like movies, but I love the movies and even wear the 3D glasses when we go—I mean, I paid for them right:-)


Tour plans for the summertime?


We have a great tour of NYC, NJ and DC coming up starting on 6/18 and going through 6/30. Please visit to keep up with our schedule. If you are in the area, we would love to meet any music lovers out there and love chatting and taking pictures with our new friends. We are also glad to sign CD’s. We come early and stay late and I’ll even kiss babies if you like:-)

Just a few of the highlights of our current tour include  the “Living Stage” in Brooklyn, Coney Island Baby, Roxy and Duke’s Roadhouse, Silvana, all in NYC or NJ, and  Gypsy Sally’s in DC. We are still adding a few dates so stay tuned. I’ll also be back for a solo show or two in NYC around mid-October when I’ll be in town attending the AES convention.

Thank you for answering our questions today and plz let our readers know how to support you out there.


I would be most grateful if anyone that thinks that they might want to know  more about me and my music to visit and check out the fan zone on my site. We have a lot of perks for joining our mailing list and we usually only send one email a month so we don’t pester you! We have some free music you can try and if you like, we have even more free music if you tell your friends about my music via social media .

Otherwise, come out to a show and say hi or if you have a group that would like some inspiration and music, or if you want to learn more about music technology, music business and the art of improvisation, please consider having me come speak.


Thanks for reading,



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