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"...A feeling can become a Sound."

Hello JayeMadison!  Thanks for being here.  How did you get started in the industry? 


We were curious about music from an early age. Really, as young as 4. We would watch Annie and then reenact every song. Music was always in our home, mostly 80’s rock. It was in the backdrop of our lives. We started out in Musical Theatre productions around age 7, and performed in community theatre all the way through high school. We were also into classical music, both landing in the the Texas All-State choir our Senior Year. It was that year where we realized we didn’t want to be on Broadway or directing choirs. We wanted to be in our own band, writing our own songs. That’s what brought us to Nashville, after we were accepted into the Commercial Music Vocal Performance program at Belmont University. 


What motivates you? 


Jordan: That feeling you get when you see someone tearing up or smiling in the audience as you sing. You know they need to hear the message, or relate to the song on a personal level. 


Madison: Making a difference- even in a small way. Also emotions in general are a big motivator for me. Love, anger, fear- I feel it all very intensely and I’m so thankful to have music as a platform to help others experiencing the same emotions. 


Who are your biggest inspirations? 


Jordan: I have a special place in my heart for every woman who has mentored me in the Music Business. It is so special receiving advice from those who have walked before me and forged the way. 


Madison: Our parents. Our mom is a teacher and our dad is a police officer. They both are incredible people who make such a positive impact in their community. Musically, I’d say Heart and Stevie Nicks are big ones for us. 


What do you love most about making music? 


Jordan: I get to use my life experiences and perspectives as inspiration to connect with others. To help others feel seen. To help others escape. I want my music to meet others where they are and offer them whatever they need. 


Madison: I love that a feeling can become a sound. I’m not at all a naturally verbal person so it’s amazing to me that there’s an entirely different, holistic language I can use to communicate a feeling I may have not even processed yet in my mind. And what’s beautiful is that feelings communicated through music are still somehow understood in countries where they cannot interpret the lyrical content written in a foreign language. 


Your greatest achievement so far? 


Jordan: I am proud of many things, but if I had to choose one, it would be that I’m living in Nashville writing and recording music. 5 years ago I started this journey thinking I could never be a songwriter, and was only meant to sing other people’s stories. This city has encouraged me to grow and believe in myself. 


Madison: My greatest achievement so far I would say is unlocking that special connection with the audience in live performance. I used to feel so afraid to perform as a relatively shy person. But as I’ve continued to gain experience, I realized that any performance, big or small, really isn’t about me at all. It’s about connection and making people feel something. I’m proud to say that I’m able to cross that barrier. 


Any challenges along the way? 


Jordan: This journey itself is a challenge. It’s easy to get discouraged being one voice within many sometimes. However, I am learning that we each have a unique perspective that only we can offer the world. If I can write something that helps someone through a rough time, makes them smile, or feel understood, that is all that matters to me. 


Madison: For sure. It’s challenging to stay motivated and self-assured in this industry. For me, I just have to always go back to why I started doing this in the first place- to say something that matters. 


What advice would you give someone following in your footsteps? 


Jordan: DON’T go into this for any other reason besides absolutely loving it. If you go into music for fame or money, your motivation will not last a lifetime. It’s about connection, being there for others, and the beauty of the human experience. Sometimes you sing for 4 hours in front of 5 people in an empty bar knowing you’ll lose money, yet, you walk away ready to do it all again the next chance you get.


Madison: Stay true. Always speak from the heart and that has to be enough. Like Jordan said, you definitely can’t be in it for money or fame because there are no guarantees. 


Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?


Jordan: I see myself releasing more music into the world, traveling more for shows whenever possible, just connecting with others and being creative as often as I can. We will see where that adventure leads! 


Madison: I see myself living a life where I have the privilege to work creatively every day in one way or another. Just living in my purpose! 


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