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Ina Orlova

Who have been your greatest Style Icons? 

My greatest Style Icon was always my mother, her classy style was always perfectly matching with events and daily life. Even now she is older she knows how to dress up. 


Top two Shopping Spots?

I love online shopping a lot. I have two sides, classy women and a girlie one. My favorite shop for classy clothes is Karen Millen for crazy festival looks I love to shop at Boohoo. 


Most comfortable piece of clothing you own?

There is no more comfortable thing that my own skin. 

The one thing in your closet you can't live without?

Black high waisted jeans from Fitjeans.


Any fashion advice to offer?

I don't follow fashion trends. I love to express my personality in clothes. Advice that I can give to someone: Try to wear clothes that suits your personality, clothes that suits your body and the once that you feel comfortable in. 



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