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IKKS Paris



Where are you located now and where is the brand originally from? 

IKKS Paris has 3600 points of sale in 45 countries. The location we just opened on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is the first unit in the entire USA. The brand is born 1987 in FRANCE and was founded by Gerard Le Goff. IKKS is born as a brand for kids and later expanded to women (1990) and men (2003).It was the first kids brand created using adult’s fashion codes.

Goals for 2020 and beyond?

Taking care of the Rodeo Drive location and make it a flagship junior store.Work really hard on marketing and special events (charity, runway, etc) to make the brand know by in America. Also, we started working on plan to franchise and be able to scale turn key stores. This is one of our short terms objectives. In France alone we have 450 IKKS retail units. France is the size of California so that gives an idea of the possibilities for the entire US.


What have been the specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

Our career was composed by a lot of different types of challenges in different industries : Sport, artistic , automotive , medical , retail.  The greatest achievement I think was to be able to manage all of them and make them successful while they were so different.

Being a race car driver for now 15 years helps a lot. A good driver is not only a fast one, but one who can handle politics , media , fans and communication. You have to develop a lot of different qualities to seduce manufactures and find new sponsors.

You have to adapt to the brand and their type of customer. The physical preparation for my career was also a key to success . In some racing seasons I had up to 4 hours of physical training a day .This asset is also helping me in my business venture. 

Sometimes business is a sport - this is at least how I see it and it helps me. Like in sport you have to be physically and mentally ready to fight for your success. At the end the goal is the same , be the first to cross the line. Winning a race or having  a successful business is the same feeling for me.

Who are your top inspirations? 

Our inspirations are coming from a lot of different areas: Entrepreneurs like Howard Hughes or Richard Bronson but also athletes or artists. In summary every individual who works really hard to accomplish his dream or vision.

Having accomplished so much in your career, are there more dreams you hope to conquer? 

Of course! Dreams are a motor! We need dreams to wake up every morning with the motivation to conquer the world and keep  moving  forward ! We chose this country a long time ago because it is  offering to people who work hard  the possibilities to live their dreams !


 Any words of wisdom for young entrepreneurs or designers out there? 

Dream ! Aim really high, everything is possible .Surround yourself with positives energies , positives people and forget and ignore the bad ones  !  Work hard, harder than the others and don’t forget to share when you succeed! Remember the times when you were struggling all by yourself that any help was an asset and is case you didn’t get any help that you would have appreciated it !

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