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Perfecting New Strategies


Thank you for being part of our zone.  Tell us more about yourself and your background!


My artist name is Gotchi It originated from a family nickname when I was born by my grandmother, it"s pronounced and spelt differently in Spanish but I put my own twist to it and made it what it is. Toronto native artist , I grew up listening to a tonne of old school rock music and than developed into hip hop also , and I have always had a passion for all types of music including jazz, instrumental, and almost any genre. If you want to know something about me I like classic cars and I like to drink craft beer and I live in Ontario. 


When did you decide to live a life in music? 


I always wanted to live a life in music , its been a dream, and recently more of a reality. I have been into music since early teenage years i would write and produce beats. I took my career professional when I decided to set goals and plan to go to the studio on a weekly basis in a professional studio and atmosphere I adapted quickly I have recorded and written 1000s of songs and have yet to only release one album , so alot more is on the way. 


Where are you located and where are you originally from? 


Located in Canada, born in Toronto, originally from the cities west end. I have lived most my life in Ontario and some in Montreal Quebec , more recently I moved to the country where its more quiet it has entirely changed my mentality as I always grew up in or near a big city. In the country I have more privacy and feel more of a sense of freedom. I drive to the city when I have to hit the studio or do a show. 


Goals for 2019 and beyond?


Learning to perfect new strategies on how to plan and execute music production and music releasing is very important in my opinion and just having a plan to work towards and deadlines I find helps alot and is what im currently working to achieve myself. My goals this year are to have a handful of solid projects out that are released as EPs and by the end of the year perfect the other half to the projects and have them all completed. Besides that im working on some merchandise and am looking forward to playing festivals next year for large crowds. 


What have been your specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 


As an independent artist its harder to get more people to listen because there's no major label support to push you in front of everybody eyes in this day and age you have to make people listen , some how some way you have to make them listen. Whether its having good music and a good marketing strategy these days your marketing strategy can be any approach you choose to make people listen to your music bottom line.  Some passers by then become listeners and then true fans who will support you and your movement, it is also important to have a movement and an overall goal or standard that you and your fans all have to maintain together as one.

Greatest achievements would be just all the things I’ve learned and been through to get where I'm at. My current topped achievements would be my first album release HEADLIGHTS by gotchi , and the video following for the single of the album. Plus all the performances I have done this year and the last and an opening show I did in Texas for SXSW for some major artists. 

 Where can our readers catch up with you out there soon? 


Follow my social medias for upcoming releases and everything else , you can find me most active on facebook and instagram, also working on a lot of different kinds of videos on my youtube channel please like and subscribe thanks. 


 Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!   -    @gotchi_ent                     - twitter - @Entgotchi  - facebook - Gotchi ent

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