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Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us about about your beginnings in music Emme!

Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of the Bsquared family!  


What a delight:). I have been singing since I was a tiny tot. From choir, to church and then onstage in every musical theatre production possible!  I started writing music when I was ten years old after my first cousin tragically passed away. I believe it was the grief that inspired me to deal with my emotions in a melodic way. I guess you could say it was the first time I realised how healing music can be. Thus, changing the course of my life. It was at that young age that I knew without a doubt, singing and writing was what I was meant to do. 


Where are you from and where are you located now? 

I grew up in Oregon surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, and native bush. Travelled and sang and ended up in NYC, before settling on a sheep farm in New Zealand, now I call the Northshore of New Zealand home:) 


Top musical influences?

Great question - I’m eclectic, so is my musical taste! The Police, Rod Stewart, ABBA, Sarah Mcglaulan, Dido, SIA, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, The Beatles, Alice in Chains, Alanis Morriesette, Norah Jones, David Bowie and Stevie Nicks. I know I’ve left amazing artists off my list so please forgive me. These are the first influences that came to mind.

 Goals for 2019 and beyond?

First I just want to share my personal slogan for the year. 2019 is gong to be absolutely stunning!  It’s a year of breakthroughs and blessings for everyone and I really take that on board in my heart. My goal for this year and beyond is to share my heart and my music in a beautiful and effective way. To reach the masses and to connect with my global family. Which is how I view the world. We are all one family. Music connects our hearts. 


TOP favorite venues or festivals to play?

I just played Tamworth Country Music Festival in Australia- awesome time!

Pianos in NYC


Any venues and or festivals in UK and Europe. I haven’t performed in festivals in that part of the world yet... I would be honoured and so excited to do so! 



 Where can our readers catch an EMME LENTINO show soon?

So excited! I’ll be sharing live streams of my shows with MusicHourUK on their YouTube channel!  They’ve been kind enough to invite me to share my 2019 journey! You can catch me in Los Angeles in April where I’ll be recording some new tunes and singing at some cool spots...and Nashville later this year! Stay tuned folks:)


 What is your message & mission with music?

My message to the world  is “You are loved”. I want people to feel empowered, energized and hopeful for the future. As I mentioned I have gone through a lot in my life, including being a caretaker for my husband who had a rare form of lung cancer. Through the process of his death and the grief I felt and feel- I have more of a mission to share my music with the world. To bring hope and love to the masses. Because from the depths of my soul, I really believe that we must pick ourselves up from despair and overcome the darkest of times. My song “Seasons of Life” really addresses this. It’s my anthem. My soul saying to everyone... “you will make it through “️



 How do you get inspired in the studio to create?

It’s the People I meet and work with on this musical journey that give me inspiration and energy to keep going! Inspiration comes from being on the road(I usually carry my iPhone and sing into constantly!)My journals are full to the brim with new poems and lyrics. In the studio, I am really inspired by the musicians and incredible people I work with. They all help me keep this dream of music alive!


Please list your social links & any other info you would like to share with our readers.


Oh awesome!  Thanks so much for asking that:

Twitter: @EmmeLentino

Facebook/Emme Lentino

Instagram@Emme Lentino

YouTube: Emme Lentino

My music can be found on :

Spotify, Apple Music and all major platforms!


*I just want to encourage all the readers out there to step out this year, dream big and never give up! I really know that life can be hard, I myself have faced a lot of loss and pain- but staying positive, reaching out and helping others and celebrating each moment is a way we can all really enjoy this life.  I often ask myself - “what is my legacy for the world?”  I want people to remember that I loved others. Sending you all hugs, let’s stay connected. If anything I have shared inspires or resonates with you, cool! Let me know through social media platform you prefer. It’s my absolute privilege to share my music with others. If someone adds my songs to the soundtrack of their lives.. that’s the ultimate compliment and a true gift to my heart. So thank you in advance:) 


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