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AUSTIN STYLE and BIG Moves with the queen of everything

BORN TO SHINE is more than a slogan, it's the absolute truth of artist, ELA.  Originally out of the Austin scene, ELA's new single LIGHT IT UP is set to make a universal impact with it's new Country Party Vibes.  We caught up with the Texan to learn more about the new music and the next moves. 

Tell us a more about your new music Ela and how did this new sound come to fruition? 

My musical roots are in pop so i love those simple sticky hooks. Pop and dance music will has always been my love, but then I started singing country. and I love that too. The genre of country is incredible!  Rooted in strong story-telling history and it's the story telling that sets it apart from other genres. I fell in love with it and did my BIg Girl Pants Country album and I feel it was successful, but deep down I missed those big pop hooks and when I started writing with Matt Parmenter we meshed his incredible music making with my simple pop hooks and a country/dance/disco micro niche was born!!

Where are you from and are you loving Austin? 

I'm originally from a small river town Stillwater, MN. It is beautiful, you should get an Air B&B in Summer of FALL! 

I love Austin, in fact we just bought a house we love it SO much! It's everything. The weather, the BBQ and music scene are fantastic, but mostly, the genuine people we have connected with makes it feel like home! 



When did you know music was going to be your passion? 

I knew early on that it was going to be my passion. I tried and got on stages, but my younger self was incapable of making a career of it. She needed a little time, care and experience to run through that fear door and realize it's better on the other side. I feel like I'm getting better with age. Isn't that a gift!


What memorable responses have you had from your audiences? 

We played the Austin Rodeo a year back for the BBQ cook-off and had 100s of people singing my originals front and center with Suck it up Buttercup girl section with my merch on and then We broke down What's Goin' On from 4 Non Blonds and that was a ROCK STAR moment. They loved it and sang it back to me. Goose bumps!


What would be your dream musical TOUR to be on?

 I would Love to be on a world tour with some heavy hitters of Country/ Pop and see amazing places after a successful national tour. Oooo Madison Square Garden, then head to Australia, Europe and specifically play Royal Albert Hall  in London!


How do you see the future of independent music? 

 The future is bright because of all of the tools we have at our fingertips. All you need is drive and a willingness to learn and be taught!


What are you most looking forward to in the rest of 2019? 

Establishing myself as a major player in this new Sound arena and owning it! I can't wait to share my new creations with everyone! It feels like we've been creating this launch pad and it's ready for take off. Ok, that was cheezy, but the energy is real!


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