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I was 3 years old I believe, and had a wild obsession with shoes at the time

If you had a super power what would it be and why?


I would want to be able to be invincible I guess, but only if I stayed the age I am now.  I  think that'd be pretty lit to have in almost any circumstance.

If you HAD to change and LEARN a whole new musical genre by tomorrow,  what style would you be writing, playing, recording  in the morning like a pro? 

hmmm, well if I HAD to change my style that would really blow,  but I guess I'd go into like punk just because I sorta had a brief punk phase during middle school and it'd be pretty easy to make that music. 

Your favorite food and where can we get it?!!

Easy, beefy five layer burrito from taco bell, (no beans, add flaming hot fritos)

Are you a CHEF in the kitchen...or someone grab the fire extinguisher?

chef ASF

Are you a gamer or make mine Monopoly? 

I definitely love board games but GTA is always gonna be my go-to.

What song do you sing, rap or yodel most in the shower?

Well at the moment its "west end girls" by the Pet Shop Boys, but this changes weekly" 

The first word your best buds would use to describe you...

aesthetically pleasing 

Holiday season lover or PLEASE I want it alllll to be over...

Depends what holiday, truthfully I don't even notice them until the day of most of the time.

Furry friends or give me a goldfish?  

I have one cat who I love to death immensely, named after an ex of mine. 

Last but not least:  What's happening with your music in 2019 and tell us about your New SINGLE/ ALBUM/ SHOW Wtv you want to talk about here...


Musically, much is changing with dopamine. I will be incorporating more genres into thrift pop, or influences per say into the genre itself as well as hopefully female collaborations into songs, but I don't wanna give away a too much. 

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