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Hollywood Girl On Fire

From E Entertainment TV to Every Hollywood Stage of Note, Dina Renee takes over with her hot New Single and a long list of what She Is "NOT GONNA DO" ...

When did you first decide to become a singer and performer?

I had this strong inner voice-since I was 3 years old I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I didn’t pursue it seriously until I moved to LA. 



What have been some of your greatest experiences in the studio?

My favorite experiences in the studio are when a song comes together effortlessly. I could be having the worst day or suppressed a lot of emotions and once I’m singing and coming up with a new melody or lyrics all of that goes away-it’s like therapy.  My coolest experience in a studio is probably visiting the ones Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Madonna recorded at.  It’s crazy to be singing on the same mics they literally recorded on. 



Tell us about being a musician in Los Angeles and do you consider living in an entertainment town to be a pro or a con for an emerging artist? 


It’s a pro for me but maybe because I’m not the type to compare myself to all the others doing the same thing here. A lot of people where I was from did not take me seriously. I mean probably being the 19 year old taking the mic from every dj no wonder lol, but moving to Hollywood changed my life. I felt more in my element here and that it’s now or never. I was able to really get serious about my music. I know that if I’m here there is a real opportunity  and it forces me to just go for it. 


What is the story behind  "What I'm Not Gonna Do"?


I think I’m just at a point dealing with dating where I’m so fed up with being treated badly/lied to and I swear it’s like I date the same type of guy over and over again-it’s almost a message to myself to stop wasting time on a guy (we will rename them all Peter) that is never going to give me what I deserve. #nomorepeters 


What performers do you think most closely resemble your on stage personality and performance style?

I love Katy Perry’s colorful backdrops and quirky/ sparkly designs on stage.  I love how Britney Spears performance style always tells a story -I’d love to have something similar but with even more color of course. 


Where can we catch your next show?

State Social House in West Hollywood on September 27th 9 pm


Anything else you would like to share with our readers?


I just want to thank everyone for listening to my new song. My goal was for it to reach at least 100 k on Spotify and it surpassed that last week. It means more than I can even explain. I was once recording songs hiding in a closet (at 5 years old) scared for anyone to hear my real voice so it’s kind of huge for me to overcome all my self doubt I deal with daily. Pop music is my passion and the reason I breathe. When I’m pulled in every direction-I’ve had many jobs in LA since college but I always know my truth is creating music and I hope I can inspire even just one person through my passion. Please look out for my music video coming soon :)

IG:  @dinarenee


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