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Taking The Non Traditional Path and loving every minute...

How did you get started in the industry?

 I (Kayti) started singing at a really young age and went the classical route through high school and college. Ben and I actually met in college choir at Montana State University and started dating a few years later. Ben has been in bands since he was like, ten years old, playing just about every instrument. He was in a band in college that continued upon graduation and I started singing with them on a whim, to kind of fill the musical outlet post-graduation. It wasn’t very long before we started writing songs together and realized we wanted to start our own project.


What's your biggest motivation?

For me, I think the biggest motivator has been everything we’ve already pushed through to make becoming touring musicians a reality for us. We had kind of a long and wild history even though we’ve only been a group for two years. We started as a four-piece rock band, always with the intention to tour. We recorded our first album and went on our first little tour in the first six months of playing shows, and that’s when we started losing band members. Touring is a crazy huge commitment and it’s definitely not for everyone. We lost our drummer two weeks before our second tour and out of sheer desperation we decided to use electronic drums. We went through so many people trying to keep a four, then three-piece band together and finally made the switch to the duo, which we LOVE. I think that’s my biggest motivator. Looking back at our short little history and how easy it would have been to give up so many times before. It’s really propelled us forward and kept us going when things get tough, which is often on the road.



Who are your biggest inspirations?

This is the hardest question ever! We get asked this a lot because our sound is so unique. Ben and I come from pretty different backgrounds. I grew up listening to classic rock, country, and top 40 pop. I’m a sucker for George Strait, Fleetwood Mac, and Christina Aguilera. Ben has always had super diverse musical inspirations, from the Beatles, to Led Zeppelin, to Mac Miller and Frank Ocean. I’d say those are some of our musical inspirations for sure, along with our peers. It’s so inspiring to see our friends out their grinding and to have them put out great music and get recognized for it. It’s such a difficult think to succeed at, and it’s really wonderful to watch your friends do it.


What is your greatest accomplishment yet?

I think just being able to keep up the tour schedule we do, while still writing and releasing music. It’s not necessarily a physical accomplishment, but it feels so good to look back on the past year and know that we played pretty much every show we could and still wrote and recorded music, and did all the things we set out to do.


Who are your biggest supporters?

Our families. For sure. It’s not a super common thing to have your kids go to college, get degrees, and then say “Actually we’re starting a band and going to be super broke and live in our van and tour nine months of the year.” We’re both incredibly lucky to have families that support the heck out of us. It would be much, much harder without them. We’ve got some pretty great fans too, that have stuck with us since the beginning and come to tons of shows and have just shown huge amounts of love to use over the last two years. That’s a pretty cool feeling.

What do you love most about your work?

It’s uniqueness. Both Ben and I have such different musical voices, and I think, especially in our newer music, you can really hear our personalities come through. We have such different influences and I think they play really nicely together. We write in so many different genres. There’s a song on the album that goes from smooth R&B to a straight up metal-feeling breakdown in a matter of seconds, but it sounds so cool. We also just love singing together and I think you can tell in our sound.


What is something you have struggled with in your career?

That it doesn’t feel like a career. We both grew up in households where everyone had traditional jobs. Our siblings have traditional careers, our friends as well. We get asked a lot when we’re going to stop and settle down. For us, this feels settled. This is what we’re doing unless something goes horribly wrong. Even though we feel very supported, it is difficult to look at everyone around us with more traditional paths and not feel like what we’re doing isn’t a little ridiculous.


Best way to unwind after a long day?

Wine! Haha! Honestly when we’re not playing shows, we prefer to lay pretty low. We just celebrated our anniversary and the thing that sounded the best to both of us was to cook at home and binge watch Yellowstone. Since we do all our own booking and most of our own marketing it’s hard to turn it off and take time away from it, but when we do, we just want to chill!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully doing what we’re doing now, just on a larger scale! We love touring and being out on the road. It’s exhausting but it’s also a pretty unique gift to be able to play your own music for new people in a new place every day. We would love to just be slightly less broke, haha! We want to continue to make our music and grow and just be able to do this, comfortably, for as long as we want.





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