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Artist on the Move...

"Never hold back on what you want to do"

Thank you for being part of our Magazine. Tell us more about yourself and your background!

I'm one of the most dedicated musicians you'll ever meet. I've been in the game since I was 16
signed at 21 to EMI.  I made records for BMG, BigLife,Festival Records,Polydor, Mushroom, plus loads of
Indies. Remixed a few Big Names over the years. Toured the globe a couple of times. Written two critically
acclaimed books and currently run the Kusha Deep Music label with some hits under my belt and a new
album out this summer called 'New Kinda Normal'.


When did you decide to live a life in music?

I left school at 16 and partied for a while in celebration,then went on an apprenticeship in electronics and ended
up soldering PCP boards, for slave money. One day while throwing a capacitor at the back of someone's head, I decided to walk out and join a band. The band was called Bass Culture and we were into Roots Rock Reggae. Ended up supporting some cool names like
Mysty n Roots and Steel Pulse hanging out with some super cool Rasta's.

Where are you located and where are you originally from?


I am originally from Dublin Ireland and my Mum was a mixture of Scottish, Dutch, and German while my dad was pure Irish. He was educated in England and it was safer with an English accent to move over here, the troubles at the time were unforgiving as the IRA were harsh at the time. Ironically one of my grandfathers served in the IRA and fought the British at the Easter Uprising in the 1920's. I'm based in the south east England at the moment.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?


I am looking to push the sound of what we're doing. I'm working with one of the most amazing creative spirits in the world, Harvey Summers who is actually from another planet that's how good he is. We have the kind of relationship where we don't use words to communicate we just think it and it kinda happens. The last track called 'The Lights' on the 'New Kind Normal' album is a taster of where we will go next. We started off the album with this sound we called Rock Step, tracks like 'Nightstepper' and 'Heart Shape Pill'
'Phenomenal' have that mix of Rocked Out EDM, we are moving into a more dramatic sound now called Gothic Soul. Its only achievable by accessing a time portal and bringing back pieces of what we hear there.


What have been your specific challenges in your
career so far?

What have been the greatest achievements so far? I think the greatest achievement is still being in the Game, most people said what will you do once EMI dropped you and I said make more music. I took my Pay off money and went straight back in the studio and cut
another single called 'Feel Surreal' which Ft Janet Coffie 10 minute Psychedelic Dance track. Still got the 10 inch vinyl.
I think this new album is one of the Greatest things I have done. My brother died of cancer 18 months ago and the last
words he said was 'Do not hold back on what you want to do'. I just hear those words and do what I want now creatively
speaking. You have to make music for yourself first. I spent a long time trying to please Labels and Radio stations and ended up not happy with what I was putting out.


 Where can our readers catch up with you out there soon?

Anytime you want to catch me just crank up some of  my Tunes and send me a Message, I'll reach out and answer any vibes coming at me. We are working more in North America so you might be able to catch a North American tour next year.


Please answer the following: "If my fans really knew me, they would know that... "

I hate Politics,Religion and People who abuse the Planet and Animals.

Please list your social media links so our readers can follow you everywhere!
Instagram @ dar.ra.brady

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