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What was your inspiration for the song “Faithful"?

This song was written out of pure, passionate love and heart-wrenching heartbreak, in a desperate cry to get the man I am still madly, deeply in love with to see the truth and my loyalty to him once and for all. In the process of writing, though, something magical happened; I learned to forgive him for thinking wrongly of me and more than anything, I learned to forgive myself for all the times I have let anyone hurt, wrongly accuse, or mistreat me.


What are the underlying themes of the song?

This song has many layers, the first, most prominent one being a cry for love, a cry for the person I love to let me love him and love me back in return. This is the core of life for all of us. Your most basic need in life is relationship. Next, it is a cry to be heard, understood, and trusted. For me to be trusted is to have the person I love, have been loyal to, and am still loyal to, believe my truth.

Thirdly, this song is, again, me learning to forgive myself. I have always excused hurtful behavior by justifying people’s actions with their pain and ignoring my own. I always felt that it was necessary that I forgive because Christ first forgave. Not to say that this isn’t true, but the reality is that what I was doing was wrong and not biblical at all. The truth is, to continue forgiving people who abused, wrongly accused, or mistreated me was me not setting limits or boundaries, and setting limits and accepting responsibility save lives. As people we reap what we sow, (Galatians 6:7-8) and my continuous forgiving and excusing was interrupting the natural, healthy flow of the lives of the ones I love. When people hurt women, hurt children, lie, steal, cheat, etc., they need to receive consequences, not only to save people they may hurt in the future, but to save themselves. (Prov 15:10) God already forgave them, “to rescue people from their natural consequences of their behavior is to render them powerless.” —Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.

I thought I was helping those I loved by forgiving them for hurting me, but I was really hurting them. Real love is what I am doing right now, putting my foot down, drawing the line, setting boundaries and letting the consequences save both me and the person I love. 


Is "Faithful" a single or is it part of an album?

FAITHFUL is a single and its own fun genre within my music. It is more pop-rock, whereas the rest of my songs are dance pop.


Have you written anything similar to “Faithful"?

I have definitely written break up songs before and love songs, but not like this one, this is its own entity. 


How would you describe the vibe/tone of the song?

This song masters deep sadness lyrically, but completely is upbeat track-wise.

What artists/if any influenced this song?

Kesha’s song “Praying,” Demi Lovato’s song “Anyone,” and my friend Nola’s song “Get Good Hurt,” which is being released this year, were all heavy influences.


Do you often take real-life experiences and put them into your work?

Every one of my songs are based off of real-life experiences; the hurt, pain and joy of life are the only reason I create music. I don’t know what I would do without this outlet, it has saved my life.


What do you hope your audience takes away from these lyrics?

My prayer is that girls who are being wrongly accused or hurt gain the courage to walk away, set boundaries, and forgive themselves for letting someone treat them that way.

And I obviously hope the man I love hears it and realizes that I am what I say I am: loyal, crazy in love with him, and a real, solid, honest woman of God. 

Would I like him to show up at my house with a dozen bouquets of roses and a ring or do some other crazy, grand gesture? Yes, of course. Is that likely? No. But hey, I’m an artist, it’s my job to dream. 


 Anything else we can look forward to from you in the near future?

My song BILLIONAIRE, my first dance pop Christian song, will be out next month!!! I’m sooooo excited! Cannot wait to share!

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