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Cai Gray


Writing and Expression through Music...

How did you get started in the industry?


I started playing drums when I was 10 years old and throughout high school I was in marching band. I didn’t actually pick up guitar until my Junior year when I started getting away from high school because of my Depression. I started playing as an outlet, and I wanted to be able to sing while I played guitar so I sought out a vocal coach and started taking voice lessons. The night before my first performance I decided I wanted to try writing a song, so I wrote my first song which happens to be my second single “On My Knees”. It all kind of fell ins=to place from there, I fell in love with writing and being able to express myself through music, I started getting donations to buy recording equipment, started a program called the Mastermind Program with Melissa Mulligan and Mike Mangini who I still consult with. Now I live in Nashville to pursue my dream. 


What's your biggest motivation?


My biggest motivation is honestly mental health, that has been such a huge and crazy portion of my life and I don’t want anyone to have to go through so many of the things that I did, I want to teach people that it is always ok to ask for help and show them that they are not alone. I love people and the more support they get, the better that we are as a species.


Who are your biggest inspirations?


Panic at the Disco is my all time favorite band, Brendon Urie lives my dream life and I hope that one day that becomes a reality for me. Shawn Mendes and his acoustic style have always made me want to pick up an acoustic guitar and write, he is who I base most of my acoustic roots from. Bastille is my last major influence mainly from there message and there Electronics. I have some smaller influences such as Imagine Dragons, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Oh Wonder.


What is your greatest accomplishment yet?


I would have to say moving to Nashville and starting my record at 18, I decided against college and wanted to put all my efforts into music, I’m very happy that I could go straight into the industry and release all of these unique pieces


Who are your biggest supporters?


My biggest supporters are most likely my best friend Victoria and honestly my entire family. 


What do you love most about your work?


I love the impact that it has on people, how they emotionally react to something that I’ve wrote and how they can relate to that, I love that connection.


What is something you have struggled with in your career?


I have struggled mainly with self doubt as most artists do at one point or another, what an artist really wants is to have their music not only heard and liked, but also to make it relatable,.


Best way to unwind after a long day?


My favorite way to unwind is a mixture of three things, playing guitar, video games and just being in my bed watching Netflix


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I see myself traveling the world playing shows, music will be my only focus career wise, I will hopefully have won a Gramy and at that point I would love to be living in Los Angeles. 


My Instagram and Facebook is @caigrammusic




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