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Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us about your music and your passion to perform!

I’ve been heavily involved in music since I can remember.  My mom always says that I used to enthusiastically sing along to MMMBop when I was younger and from there, she put me into singing lessons with the rest being history.  I love the adrenaline you get from performing, as well as having the opportunity to connect with an audience that also has that same passion for music that I do.

Where are you located and how did you get started?

I live in Melbourne, Australia.  My family saw the love I have for music and performing at a young age and decided to put me into lessons. My interest and drive for the performing arts grew from there.

Top musical influences?

I hate this question, but only because I feel my inspirations change week to week and so I never know how to answer it.  Like anyone, one week I could be loving dance music, and the next I’m driven towards rock. I think that is what allows me as an artist to be so versatile within my own songs.  If I had to choose though, I grew up listening to female singers such as Cher and Mandy Moore and I always get drawn back to their voices and their strong female empowerment influence.

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

As long as I’m still performing and sharing my love for music, 2019 and the years ahead will be brilliant!

Which comes first for you, the lyrics or the musical inspo?

The lyrics need to not only represent me and my life, but they also need to find a way to connect to people who may also be in the same position as I am.  I always get drawn to the lyrics first when I listen to a song, if I can’t relate to it then I don’t form a strong connection with that song.

Where can our readers catch a live show soon?

I’m fully booked for the rest of the year performing all around Melbourne.  You can follow me and see where I’m performing by checking out either my Facebook, Instagram or website.

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