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The Triple Threat talks new moves, his debut single and why he really is YOUR MEDICINE...


When was the last time you were sitting in a small venue and an artist took the stage who literally made you sit down and PAY attention? ALONZO is an artist who takes over a room from the first note until the last breath of his performances.   A passionate artist with an incredible range, ALONZO is also a dancer with extreme credentials as well.  

Wow idk why but that intro just made me tear up. That’s so nice of you guys to say. I think I’m just moved because for once in my life I feel like people are finally noticing my gift. Thank you so much!

Alonzo, you are a regular at some of the most popular rooms in Hollywood.  How did you gain that level of success and how do you make it look so easy? 


I’d say a major thing that has made these venues fall in love with me, is that I always give my all. Even if it’s a small venue, my focus is still to sing from my heart and give a powerful performance. I wouldn’t necessarily call it success. It’s really just the LA grind for an up and coming musician. For the more exclusive venues like The Sayers Club in Hollywood, I say Thank God for Good friends haha. It looks easy because I believe that “luck is when preparation and opportunity meet”. Whenever an opportunity presents I make sure that I am READY. That’s literally all it is to it in LA. Be a good person and a good friend and people will look out for you. When they do, ALWAYS be ready to deliver. 


We believe everyone has a champion.  Who is yours?


My champion is absolutely my Mother. Her contact name is in my phone is “My Queen”. I love that woman so much. She has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love my entire life which is why spreading love is such a passion of mine. She inspires me like no other and the minute I think about wanting to give up on my dreams all I need to do is think about her and I’m ready to go to war again. She is the strongest, funniest, most loving person I know. She is my Champion. 

If you could only describe your new single in 5 words or less?



Plans for 2020? 


My biggest plan is to just work toward my 2 biggest goals for 2020. Goal #1 is to book at least 10-15 large music festivals & Goal #2 is to secure an opener slot on tour with a big-name artist. Growing my fan base is a huge goal for 2020 and these 2 things could really assist with that a lot. 

Where did you record and do you like being in the studio? 


Every song on my Debut EP was produced by my brother and good friend Eric Zayne. He is literally one of the most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. He has a studio in Hollywood that we record at. Studios use to stress me out because I use to walk in with expectations. Now, the studio is my favorite place to be. I always get emotional and something magical ALWAYS happens. 

How do you stay connected with your fans when you're on the road? 


I post the most on my Instagram Story. Everyone be sure to follow me on Instagram @StoryOfAlonzo!

Where will we be able to stream your new music?


Right now, my Debut single “Your Medicine” is available for Pre-Order exclusively on iTunes. The song will release on all streaming platforms worldwide on July 31, 2019


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