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1) Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about yourself and your background!

My name's Adam Lanceley & I'm a singer songwriter. My background is fairly interesting & very unconventional! The first part of my life, I really had no interest at all in music. My passion was sport & I was also identified at an early age as a high achiever with a lot of potential. I would put a lot of pressure on myself & it didn't help feeling like everyone else was putting pressure on me too! This meant I didn't really have any time for anything else. A catastrophic car crash changed everything though. I suffered severe head injuries as well as a crushed pelvis & both legs were broken in multiple places. In fact doctors gave me little to no chance of any form of recovery. I proved them wrong & enjoyed doing so! But I suppose this was what destroyed my dreams of pursuing a career in sport. It gave me a chance though to follow a path after my recovery that I'd always had an interest in but just hadn't had a chance to look into. This was acting & the arts in general.


When did you decide to begin your career? 

I decided to take a punt on a career as a singer songwriter after leaving acting school. Although I loved acting, due to issues with my mental health I began to think 'I've got my own thoughts & problems that I want to communicate with the world so why am I performing something someone else wrote & someone else is directing. I was doing a part time job in a bar where I met a guitar teacher who convinced me that I should start writing my ideas down & putting them into songs. He'd also persuaded me to start learning the guitar & I suppose it cannon balled from there. Someone I knew at college a few years earlier was a sound engineer & little things like that began to fall into place. You could say the career found me rather than I found it!


Where are you located and where are you originally from? 

I'm from London & I'm still here... maybe someday I'll go & start again somewhere else!

Goals for 2019 and beyond?

My goals for 2019 revolve around this album 'The Rainbow's Legacy' & the lead up to the release. I don't tend to look further ahead than I need to, so after that who knows - maybe just see where the wind takes me...

 What have been your specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 

What are the specific challenges in this career is such a broad question!  All I can answer it with is there are A LOT of them! On the other hand I'm extremely grateful to have had the chance to be have been doing what I love. I'm so proud of all the albums I've made & consider myself  very fortunate to have been able to do so. You can listen for yourself on free stream or download stores. Why not take a look at my Facebook Adam Lanceley music page & follow me on Twitter @adamlanceley as well!


 Please answer the following... "If my fans really knew me, they would know that... "

'If my fans really knew me...' They'd know that life is not what you would think on face value. I know that everyone has their own dilemmas to deal with & the fairy story  life is no more than that. But I believe if you keep pushing yourself further there's treasure to find.



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